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Size 125g AGA
Date Started 9/2004
Lighting Started with four 1x96w Coralife Aqualites. Upgraded to a pair of Tek 4x39w HO T-5 fixtures using 21w NO T-5 bulbs.
Equipment Eheim 2028 and Fluval 305 (which drives the external CO2 reactor)
CO2 Pressurized; 20# tank + Milwaukee regulator
Substrate Coarse quartz sand + Profile + a small bit of Flourite
Parameters KH 14+; GH 25+
Fertilization Autodosed premixed macro solution and micros (Flourish or Tropica Plant Nutrition)
Plants Anubias (coffeefolia, nana, nana 'petite', afzeli); Java Fern 'needle leaf'; Cryptocoryne lutea, willisii, parva, pygmeae); Echinodorus parviflorus 'Tropica'
Inhabitants Turquoise discus; Rummynose Tetras; Altum Angelfish; Roseline Sharks; Harlequin and Hengeli Rasboras; Otos; Corys (sterbai; schwartzii; agazii; trileniatus; paleatus; albino)
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What a great tank, this is something simalar to what i'm planning to do. Extensive use of the needle leaf and anubius, probably throw in some bolbitis too and fill it with congo tetras. Lots and lots of congo tetras, nice job.
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