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User cnugalingxko951
Size 42 Gallons
Date Started 4 Summers Ago
Lighting 24 inches Walmart Florescent Grow light 24 inches UV purple light 18 inches Home Depot Under cabinet Florescent Lamp
Equipment 700Gph Wave Maker, Heater, 800Gph Power head connects to Old School Under Gravel Filter, Marineland Magnum 200 Canister Filter.
CO2 On a Bottle (Seachem Flourish Excel)
Substrate 4 years established Gravel
Parameters 6.5 to 7.1 Ph, 75 to 80 *F Water Temp., 8 to 9 hours of lights, Once a month 10 gallons out of 42 gallons water change (Use Glacier Drinking Water)
Fertilization Seachem Trace, Seachem Flourish and Seachem Excel
Plants Water Histeria, Philippine Java Fern, Star Moss, Amazon Sword, Corkscrew Vallisneria, Hornwort, Green Mondo Grass, Malaysian Asian Fern, Anubias nana, Dwarf Subulata Sagittaria, Ludwigia Repens
Inhabitants Two 4 years Old, 5 and half inches Red Bellies Piranha
Comments 1 small Mopani Driftwood and 1 medium Mopani Driftwood
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