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User Hardy85
Size 75g
Date Started December 2013
Lighting 108W CFL DIY Fixture
Equipment Two Aquaclear 110's and Eheim Jager 250W Heater
CO2 Dose 12ml Metricide 14 Daily
Substrate Miracle Grow Organic Potting Mix
Parameters pH 7.5 Temp 81
Fertilization Aquariumfertilizer.com Macro/Micro Mix dose 7ml per day
Plants TBD
Inhabitants 4 German Blue Rams, 9 Parva Rainbows, 10 Cory Sterbai, 4 Oto, 5 Mixed Platy
Comments TBD
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Mark F.
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You've got the hygro nicely arranged around that open piece of wood - I'll bet your fish feel comfortable in this 'scape!
Algae Grower
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looks very natural
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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Any close pics of your diy CFL fixture? Thank you and pretty tank.
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