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User guy121
Size 10 Gallon
Date Started March - 2008
Lighting 2x 10w fluorescent bulbs. Since they are the multi tubed kind it supposidly is less actual wattage so maybe 1.5wpg.
Equipment Visi-therm 100w Stealth Heater, Aquaclear 30: AC Foam on bottom, and about 5 bags worth of AC 30 Biomax on top
CO2 none
Substrate Black Sand, don't remember the type
Parameters 80F, 7.8 PH, Tap water w/dechlorinator
Fertilization none
Plants Fake Silk so far. Want low light plants so I don't have to spend too much money.
Inhabitants 4 Dwarf Puffers, 3 Otocinclus, 30-40 MTS in the substrate, Hopefully shrimp
Comments I've read that I'm overstocked, but I only have like 10ppm nitrates at the end of the week (50% waterchange). 15ppm if I decide to overfeed.
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Taryn Nation
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I LOVE THIS!!!!! it not too crowed and themed. um what r mts? and your not over stocked [censored] those people who say you are it would be one thing is you had two big fish. Its not about length but girth and the type of fish. 3 black kuli loaches =to 1 gallon but you wouldn't keep in one because they need more surface area. Its just they are thinner than a pencil and produce less waste. 2 rasboras equal to 1 gallon and they would do fine in a 1 gallon alone. A pleco or bigger loach or shark would need a 10 gallon w/small type of schooling fish. People just need there facts strait. It the sq inch and measure there belly and if they are a long fish then you want to take the length measur into account beacue they need enough room to turn around. schooling fish that are small can be in large numbers in a 10 or even 5 gallon. larger fish like molly's, plattys, and cat fish produce much more waste then say neon tetras so they need at the least a 10 or if by themselves a 5g. Future marine biologist. Anyways your doing great!
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