kristenmarie211 30 gallon - Your Tanks
User kristenmarie211
Size 30 gallon
Date Started February
Lighting Aqua Glow
Equipment Bubbler 200 w heater, 55 gallon filter
CO2 DIY CO2 set up with a water pump used to distribute the bubbles.
Substrate Black sand
Parameters Set at 78 degrees, Ph approximately 74
Plants Java Fern, Java lace fern, guppy grass, Anubias Barteri, Java moss, Dwarf Sagittaria, banana plant, Moss balls
Inhabitants 5 mollys, 5 molly fry, 6 black moscow guppy fry, 1 Honey Gourami, 1 pleco, 1 snail
Comments Drift wood from Ohio river attached to slate to make an under water forest
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