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5ft 3rd Jan 2011.jpg
User Alasse
Size 5'x20"x18"
Date Started 11th Oct 2010
Lighting Single Dalbarb T8 (40W) & Single row of T5 (24W)
Equipment Fluval 405 Canister Internal Otto Jebo 300W heater
CO2 None
Substrate Dino Dung Laterite/Gravel mix
Parameters Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 10
Fertilization None at present
Plants Java Fern, Crypts, Swords, Elodea, Hygro, Anubias & Unknown
Inhabitants 2 Angels, 4 Albino Bristlenose & 2 Clown Loaches
Comments Work in progress
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Planted Tank Enthusiast
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You are telling us that this tank has no Co2 and no ferts. Please put an updated pic on this site.
Algae Grower
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This pic was taken on the 5th Dec 2010, i would put that as fairly recent. And yes, the tank does not have either CO2 or Fertz added
Algae Grower
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New pic taken and uploaded as requested
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