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mini dutch 12g-small.jpg
User binbin9
Size 12
Date Started January 2013
Lighting Oddysea T5HO 39W Dual Bulb 6700 and 10K
Equipment Eheim 2213, Hydor Inline Heater
Substrate Aquasoil
Fertilization IE and Seachem
Plants 1. Rotala Indica - rotundifolia 2. Ammania Gracilis 3. Crypt wendtii 4. Loebalia Cardinalis Dwarf 5. Bacopa 6. Downoi 7. Blyxa 8. ludwigia senegalensis 9. Alternanthera reineckii mini 10. Staurogyne repens 11. Hydrocotyle SP Japan 12. Hydrocotyle Verticillata under 11 13. SYNGONANTHUS SP. 'BELEM' 14. HC - Dwarf Baby Tears 15. Marsilea Minutia 16. ranunculus inundatus 17. Ludwigia sp Red 18. Rotala Wallichii 19. Tiger Lilly 20. Limnophila Aromatica wavy 21. ludwigia inclinata var. verticillata 'pantanal' 22. Eriocaulon Cinereum 23. Rotala Indica True - Ammania Bonsai 24. Ludwigia Acruata x repens
Inhabitants Psuedomugil, teatras and threadins
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Algae Grower
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Excellent tank! Good color and variety.
Algae Grower
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Beautiful tank..Looks much larger than a 12G. Lovely photo too!
Algae Grower
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This is by far my favorite 12L I have seen EVER....LOL! <3
Junior Member
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Nice tank why don't you put few fishes to add life soul to your amazing tank :)
Hari Prasad K
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Looks great! Good combination of plants too.
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