Mao 3 Gallon - Your Tanks
User Mao
Size 3 Gallon
Date Started 5-5-13
Lighting LED Overhead that came with Marineland Crescent 3 Kit
Equipment Marineland Crescent 3 Tank & Lights, Marineland BioWheel Penguin 100 (W/Added Media), LCD Thermometer
Substrate Super Naturals Beige Sand
Fertilization N/A
Plants Moshi (my Japanese Moss Ball), Crypt Parva, Hydrocotyl(?), Myrio, Java Moss, 2 kinds of bunches leafed plants from a friend, Tiny Sprig of Dwarf Hairgrass (broke off my boyfriend's patch in his tank) --- 1 Pothos in HoB filter
Inhabitants 1 Sparkling Gourami, 1 Black Mystery Snail, 1 Trapdoor Snail, 2 Trapdoor(?) Snail Babies, 1 Tiger Nerite Snail, ~20 Red Cherry and Red Rilli Shrimp, Possibly some MTS tag-a-longs
Comments Cuttlebone hidden in back for Snails; Decor is 3 Terra Cotta Pots, and natural stones and driftwood I found and sterilized
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