FishFan 150 Gallons - Your Tanks
User FishFan
Size 150 Gallons
Date Started June 15 2008 (Major cleaning done)
Lighting 6 40 Watt Grolux Fluorescents 2 150 Watt Compact Spiral Fluorescents
Equipment 2 Canister filters, Chiller, 54 Watt UV, DIY wet/dry filter, Magnum 220
CO2 DIY yeast and sugar
Substrate Sloped to front 8" to 3", heater, 1" Acricille, 1" Flourite, 1" to 6" mini-pea gravel
Fertilization 2 doses of 1 teaspoon each Soda of Nitrate, Muritate of Potash, and Super Phosphate plus Flourish
Plants 4 Amazon Swords, Ludwigia, Telanthera, Lutea, Micro Sword, Green Wendth, Moneywort,
Inhabitants 4 baby Plecostomus growning rapidly
Comments Very grateful for helpful posts
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