Cannimal 60 Tall - Your Tanks
User Cannimal
Size 60 Tall
Date Started 4/7/13
Lighting Marineland Singlebright 36" LED, (2) Marineland Hidden 20" LED
Equipment Aqueon 75 HOB filter, Cascade 1000 Canister Filter
CO2 none
Substrate CaribSea Super Naturals Sand
Parameters pH 7.8, NH3 0.0, NO2 0.0, NO3 20-40, GH 6, KH 7.
Fertilization none yet
Plants (4) Java Fern, Moneywort, (1) Amazon Sword, (1) Ruffled Amazon Sword
Inhabitants (5) Peppered Cory Cats, (3) Tiger Barbs, (3) Red Wag Swordtails, (1) Blue Gourami, (1) Gold Gourami, (1) Red-tailed Shark
Comments Primary Family fun tank. Would like more plants but not getting much growth from the ones I've got. The swords especially are not melting, but are just languishing.
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