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User cyril
Size Long 40cm Large 30cm High 70cm + Wall of total 100cm (70tank+30 up)
Date Started End of May 2013
Lighting diy 1 t8 bright white(right), (+spot 1 eco warm=60w(left), diy 1 bulb 60w(top) to be replace in 3 weeks by 3 bright white leds total lumen will then be approx 1500-2000)
Equipment diy filter ceramic sponge bottle; air pump; small (inside near filter) heater 50 w
CO2 I try diy but not working (tank too high)
Substrate Small stones ground different size + a little sand (front) no dirt
Parameters (Test will be red carbage diy ph test before fish in July)
Fertilization Now: Orchid fertilizer on the top plants (low Nitrate). After fish introduction only some aquatic plant fertilizer
Plants inside water: cabomba, corckscrew vallisneria; Radican sword; rotala macranta on the wall outside: ficus, 2 orchids: phal ember+phal..., etc. (searching to be completed)
Inhabitants To be begining July : 6 Corys first ... Then August 6 neon and 6 red fish? 1 couple of Killis (Normani's Lampeye killie ?top)
Comments This is a DIY riparium trying, first tank after more than 20 years aquariumania was over! It took me two weeks doing the background with sillicone, quartz, diy filter+small heater place (right), unexpensive lamp (I wait the leds).
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