SuperFisch 30g - Your Tanks
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User SuperFisch
Size 30g
Date Started TBD - Soon
Lighting TBD
Equipment Fluval 206 Canister Filter (3 Media Trays)
- 1st tray - Fluval BioFoam
- 2nd tray - Fluval Biomax Bio Rings
- 3rd tray - Seachem Purigen

100W Heater - Tropical - 78.6 F

Whisper 40 Airpump - Bubble curtain & Airstone
AA Aquarium Green Killing Machine
- Powerhead on 24/7 for circulation & CO2 dispersal
- 3W UV (10:30pm - 4:00pm)
CO2 10# Aluminum CO2 Cylinder
Concoa PurityPlus Dual-Stage Regulator w/ SS diaphragm
Fluval Ceramic 88g-CO2 Diffuser
U.P. Aqua Co2 Indicator
Substrate Caribsea SuperNaturals Tahitian Moon sand
Parameters 5 Seachem Flourish Tabs

Alternating recommended doses:
Seachem Flourish
API Leaf Zone
Plants Anacharis (Egeria densa)
Dwarf Hairgrass
Java Fern
Christmas Moss
Ludwigia Peruensis (Ludwigia glandulosa)
Marimo Moss Ball
Syngonanthus sp. 'Belem'
Water Wisteria (Hygrophila difformis)
Ludwigia arcuata
Inhabitants 1 - Dragonscale Crowntail Betta Splendens
4 - Pepper Corydoras
3 - Albino Corydoras
5 - Black Tetras
1 - African Dwarf Frog
2 - Otocinclus
2 - Golden Kuhli Loaches
1 - Siamese Algae Eater
? - MTS
Comments To Do:

Coast-to-coast overflow with 1/2" Loc-Line return.
Plumb Fluval Canister to Tank with Strainer and 1/2" Loc-Line return.
Hydor In-Line Heater
Aquatop In-Line UV Sterilizer
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