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User finfan
Size 65 Gallons (ADA 120P)
Date Started June 14, 2008
Lighting Hagen GLO T5HO 2*54watts 8hrs/day
Equipment Filter: Rena XP3 Heater: Hydor In-line 300watt
CO2 None
Substrate ADA Aquasoil Amazonia 65% River Sand 35%
Fertilization Flourish Excel at recommended dosage
Plants Amazon Sword Regular Compact Amazon Sword Anubias Nana Val Nana Crypt Lutea
Inhabitants 4 Koi Angels 4 C. Julli 5 Ocats 25 Harlequin Rasbora
Comments Hardscape: Lava rock Malaysian Driftwood
Profile Views 1704
Planted Tank Obsessed
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very nice tank. One of my favorites I have seen on this site!
Algae Grower
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omg nice koi angelfish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have some check my picture out if ya get a chance!
Wannabe Guru
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My favorite tank in this whole site. I aspire to make one sort of like it... As best I can..
Planted Tank Guru
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Awesome job! As good as it gets. Just a word of caution on the angels. They will jump. Most people don't expect it, and it doesn't happen often, but they will on occasion. But with the look of that tank, I'd live with the possibility.
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