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User norbot
Size 20
Date Started march 2013
Lighting 1x24w t5ho Hagen Glo
Equipment marineland c220, 50w jager
CO2 10lb pressurized, waterplant ceramic diffuser
Substrate Wow I got carried away adding dirt and peat, capped with way too much floramax, caused some anaerobic conditions, the plants love it though and I think its finally settled
Parameters kh~7, gh~9, ph~6.6 (w/co2)
Fertilization kno3 flourish comp epsom fleet
Plants dwarf hairgrass, a. reinickii 'cardinalis', bacopa carolina, anubias congensis, crypt wendtii 'green'
Inhabitants Just got a betta 3 days ago
Comments I derimmed this tank, but it is thin glass and there is significant bowing. I have a feeling this tank may have a short lifespan
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That Betta is in Fish Heaven!
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