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User norbot
Size 29
Date Started may 2 2013
Lighting 96w pc, 10,000k, ~9hr photoperiod, raised ~8" above tank
Equipment Noisy eheim 2217 and jager 200w heater
CO2 diy for now w/powerhead diffusion. On the lookout for a regulator
Substrate Due to MTS I got a chance to try MTS with pottery clay, iron oxide, green sand, and a sprinkle of peat on bottom glass Capped with floramax
Parameters ph: 7.5 kh~7 gh~9
Fertilization kno3 flourish comp & iron espom fleet
Plants Bacopa carolina, Wisteria (I think), microsword, java moss, java fern, a type of marsilea maybe? clover looking, a crypt, lily, another unknown long grass, pennywort, 2 types of anubias
Inhabitants none yet but thinking: 15 harlequin rasbora, 7 cory, 5ish otos,
Comments First time trying mts, looking forward to seeing how it goes. I decided to remove the front rim, I prefer the look and stand by my decision
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