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User customdrumfinishes
Size 29gallon
Date Started 2000
Lighting diy spiral compact florescents, 6700k daylight bulbs, 2.5wpg 80 watts actual, 440 watts total bulb wattage replacement 8hr on.
Equipment fluval 105, 150watt heater
CO2 diy co2, glass diffuser
Substrate eco complete and estes blk rocks
Parameters 6.5-6.8 ph, nit/nitrite 0, soft water,
Fertilization daily seachem dosing chart, excel,flourish,iron,pott,phos,trace
Plants sunset hygro on left, lim. aromatica in middle, red temple plant left side, driftwood with flame moss, taiwan moss, ricca, and java fern
Inhabitants minami shrimp, rainbow shrimp, 1 twig or farlowella. 40+ ember tetras,ghost shrimp
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me to suffering with seed shrimp if u get any cure please shear they r eating my plants i m a new and cannot post in forum and a new be in planted tank also please help (
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