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User rygar126
Size 10g
Date Started
Lighting Finnex Fugeray 20"
Equipment Aqueon with biomedia and purigen
CO2 Paintball CO2 with Aquatek mini regulator 1 bps Excel
Substrate Black sand
Parameters Ammonia: 0, Nitrites: 0, Nitrates: 5 ppm, pH: 6.8
Fertilization Root tabs, flourish, KSO4, KNO3
Plants Java Fern, Narrow leaf java fern, Anubias petite, Microswords, flame moss, Stauro repens
Inhabitants 5 cardinals, 5 rasporas, 4, rummy noses, 3 sidthmunkis, 2 otos
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Algae Grower
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Nice tank, I like the cardinals. Are you planning to do high tech plants?
Planted Member
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Hi Braden, thanks for your feedback! I was thinking about it but but based on my past tanks I get lazy with trimming and maintaining fast high tech plants. So slow and steady I think is better for me.
Junior Member
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nice tank ry, really liking the driftwood and the few rocks in there. what type of rocks are they?
Planted Member
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Hey Croc, They are just lava rocks I got from the LFS. Thanks for the comment!
Algae Grower
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I really like your design & beautiful assortment of plants. Do you have any updated photos?
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