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Size 55 gallons
Date Started 2006 ish
Lighting 2 65 watt 6700k/1000k CF 2 54 watt 10000k T5 HO
Equipment Magnum 350 canister Stealth heater Gamma UV Sterilizer 8w Penguin 550 power head w/ sponge filter
CO2 none
Substrate Tahitian Moon Sand
Parameters Ph 6.3~6.5 Kh and Gh ~4 Temp ~80
Fertilization K2SO4 8g and CSM+B .7g Every other day Excel 10ml daily KNO3 3g once a week KH2PO4 as needed
Plants anubais nana, java moss, sunset hygro, glosso, Limnophila aromatica, Ludwigia repens, Downoi, Rotala rotundifolia,Marimo, Crypt wendtii brown, Echinodorus bleheri "compacta"
Inhabitants beckfords needlefish, blue panchax, american flag fish, white cloud, kribensis, apistogramma sp pebas, dwarf puffer, dario dario, SAE, celestial pearl danio, Corydoras habrosus
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This is a low-tech tank? Awesome!
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