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User Chewyguru
Size 40 Gallon long
Date Started March 2008
Lighting 4X40W DIY Shoplight
Equipment Fluval 305
CO2 DIY w/ Hagen ladder
Substrate Fluorite, silica sand, small river rock, fine beach pebbles
Parameters ? I am a noob?
Fertilization Used to dose Flourish Excel, Micro Nutrients, Potassium. Now stopped due to fear of shrimps lives.
Plants Oh boy, red ludwigia, red melon sword, pygmy sword, something carolinia, a bunch of grasses, help me out here?
Inhabitants 7 Neon tetras (disease killed the school will replace soon) Albino rainbow shark, 5 cherry shrimp, 6 bee shrimp, 6 Amano shrimp, Nerite snails
Comments First full planted tank. It's really fun. I'm learning and the set up is incomplete. I plan to add an inline CO2 diffuser, more plants and clean up the set up.
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Beautiful. I like the way you used the rock on the left hand side, and then the little valley. Very natural looking. 5 stars
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