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User Chartreuse Boots
Size 5 gallons
Date Started 6-13-08
Lighting 8 watts florescent
Equipment Exo Terra® Repti Flow 200 Circulation Pump
Substrate eco-complete topped with jungle bed
Parameters un-noteworthy.
Fertilization none.
Plants fern moss, rock cap moss, violets, grass, clover, johnny jump-ups.
Inhabitants one fat gray tree frog named muse.
Comments UPDATE: this tank has been torn down. it worked out pretty well, but muse has been returned to the wild. (to a swampy wildlife park just across town from the hot dry parking lot where i found her.) hooray for happy frogs!
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muse hiding under johnny jump ups.jpg muse & flower.jpg
Mark F.
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Gray tree frogs are a common native in my area, and I have to say, I've never seen one that fat before! You seriously may want to consider cutting back on the crickets, and/or adding a taller branch to the landscape (for exercise), before that critter suffers obesity-related health troubles. That said, it's nice to see some vivariums in this site (after all, the term "planted tank" doesn't specify "aquarium"), and I've always thought that Johnny-jump-ups would make a good vivarium plant ... thanks for showing that to be true. Unfortunately, your other submissions on this paging are showing up blank for me. I'll have to reboot, and check 'em out, as I imagine they'll prove interesting.
Chartreuse Boots
Algae Grower
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thanks! believe it or not, the frog was actually that fat when i found her. i thought she might be gravid, but now i'm not so sure... either way i plan to provide lots more climbing space when i make her a long term home; this was just something i threw together. as for the blank tank profiles, those are a error on my end. :P
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