Chartreuse Boots 1 gallon - Your Tanks
User Chartreuse Boots
Size 1 gallon
Date Started Feb 7th '09
Lighting 9 watt NO
Equipment homemade "under plant filter" with a exo-terra pump.
CO2 none
Substrate no gravel. there is are nine little ceramic filter things siliconed to the bottom to create a ledge for a diy filter plate.
Parameters average.
Fertilization snail poo.
Plants a rug of java moss attached to the filter plate.
Inhabitants just ramshorns, but i might add a couple endlers once the java fills in.
Comments this tank is sort of an experiment in mixing plants with ugfs. in the traditional sense, a ugf is totally unsuitable for plants. but take out the gravel and use a mesh rug of plants and ya have a upf! i think it could catch on. :D
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