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User Chartreuse Boots
Size 5 gallons
Date Started 04-25-09
Lighting clamp lamp with 26 watt compact florescent. (the spiral kind, not very efficient, but it fits well.)
Equipment N/A
Substrate fluorite/potting soil/java moss (layered in that order) there is a additional plastic pot of dried moss for the orchid.
Parameters N/A
Fertilization old fish water.
Plants pink polka dot plant, some sort of fern, java moss, and a moth orchid.
Inhabitants none... yet.
Comments i found this spiffy wooden lantern and siliconed over the inside wooden parts to make it water tight. the top was just the right size for a small clamp lamp (which has a glow-in-the-dark reflector. unnecessary, but cool.) throw in some dirt and plants and tada! i might install a net between the light and the tank so i can add a anole or something... in the meanwhile it's a spiffy bedside lamp.
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