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User 09anthony79
Size 29 gallon
Date Started 06/15/2012
Lighting T5 Ho aquaticlife 4x24 watt, 8 hours a day
Equipment filter: fluval 205 autodoser fertilizer
CO2 Co2 atomizer diffuser 3bps
Substrate ADA powersand, tourmaline, bacter, aquasoil
Parameters Ph 7.4 nitrate 5ppm nitrite 0 amonia 0
Fertilization EI micro and macro fertilizer, flourish excell
Plants back: rotala rotundifolia, ludwigia repens mid: red nesaea, hygrophila pinnatifida, crypt wendtii brown, blyxa japonica, bacopa, hydrocotyle sp japan front: riccia, Hemianthus Callitrichoides "cuba", glosso, Dwarf hairgrass
Inhabitants cardinal tetra, yellow rainbow, rasbora, siamiese algae eater, otocinclus, amano shrimp
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Good job! Very nice looking tank.
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amazing layout
Algae Grower
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damn Very nice layout
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