TimTimothy 14 Gallon - Your Tanks
User TimTimothy
Size 14 Gallon
Date Started March 15, 2013
Lighting PC 6500K PC 10,000K
Equipment Stock Pump (185 gph) Stock Fans Cobalt Neotherm 50W Heater Intank Media Basket
CO2 5lb CO2 Tank Azoo Regulator Fluval Difuser
Substrate 3" CaribSea Eco Complete Black 1" black pebble on top
Fertilization Dose Seachem Flourish
Plants Hygrophilia Ludwigia Sagitaria Anubias Micro Sword Java Fern Narrow Leaf Dwarf Baby Tears
Inhabitants 1 German Blue Ram 2 Dwarf Honey Gouramis 2 Julli Cories 9 Neon Tetras 3 Amano Shrimp 5 Assasin Snails 2 Mystery Snails
Comments My back chambers: Chamber 1: bioballs in a filter bag. Chamber floor removed. Chamber 2: intank media basket with filter floss, purigen, bioballs in filter bag, chemi-pure elite, filter pad on bottom. Sponge removed. Chamber 3: heater and pump
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