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User vamcbride
Size 46 gallons
Date Started 06-01-2001
Lighting 157W marine land t5 HO
Equipment Marine land back filter
CO2 none
Substrate black gravel mixed with black flourite
Parameters 82 degrees, ph 7.0ish
Fertilization flourish tabs, excel with once a week water changes
Plants Jungle val, wisteria, anubias nana, swords, Madagascar Lace, and some unknown plants - need to research
Inhabitants 1 mean angel, platies, guppies, mollies 1 striped raphael, 6 assassin snails, and too many malaysian trumpet snails
Comments 3 assassins were put in the tank to get rid of malaysian trumpet snails after loaches failed to do the job. This is our male only tank for guppies, platies and mollies
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