ADA 90P - Your Tanks
Size ADA 90P
Date Started June 8 2008
Lighting ADA Grand Solar One With Grand Solar One metal light stand
Equipment Eheim 2217 - with all ADA filter media ADA Lilly Pipe - inflow ADA Lily Pipe - outflow ADA Clear tubing
CO2 20 Pound Co2 - pressured system with top of the line regulator Aquamedic Reactor 1000
Substrate 1 Bag ADA Power Sand 3 Bags ADA AquaSoil Amozonia
Fertilization All ADA Ferts Brighty K, Step 1, Special Lights, ECA, Green Gain, Green Bactar
Plants Hc, Dwarf hair grass
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Planted Member
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Nice hardscape, can't wait to see it grow out. What are your plans for fish?
Planted Tank Obsessed
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Stunning... can't wait to see it developed! How high do you hand a light fixture of that power? I'm thinking of something similar but don't want to burn my plants...
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