AmoreShrimp 75 gallons - Your Tanks
User AmoreShrimp
Size 75 gallons
Date Started 4/20/13
Lighting 2 seperate fixtures 1 48" T8 6,500K bulb each 12 hour cycle
Equipment Home-made Wet/Dry filter Home-made PVC overflow 10 gallon sump Aqueon 3500 pump (730 gph)
CO2 DIY 1 gallon yeast bottle with store bought glass ceramic diffuser
Substrate gravel and Carib-Sea FloraMax.
Parameters GH -75 KH- 40 PH-6.8
Fertilization Seachem Flourish
Plants some fake plats in the back til I can get my real ones bigger and..... water sprite Random swords Red Lugwigia Anachis Moneywort Java Moss Java Fern Red Wendtii Bronze Wendtii Anubias Nana Bacopa Bamboo Cabomba caroliniana
Inhabitants 1 blue checkerboard discus 3 bala sharks 2 gold gourami 2 blue gourami 1 african feather-fin catfish 1 ghostknife 5 clown loach 3 glass catfish 1 albino brittlenose pleco 1 clown pleco 1 dinosaur bichiir
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