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User Angels7
Size 10 Gallon
Date Started 11/2007 - First Planted 6/7/08
Lighting LifeGlow2 T8 15 Watt
Equipment AquaClear 30 Filter 50 watt heater
CO2 none
Substrate Eco-Complete
Parameters Ammonia - 0 Nitrite - 0 Nitrate- 5 PH- 7.2
Fertilization Flourish Excel - Once a week and Flourish Comprehensive - Once a week
Plants Wisteria, Anubias Nana, Petite Anubias Nana, Dwarf Sags, 1 piece of driftwood with Java Fern attached
Inhabitants Pygmy Rasboras, Dwarf Emerald Rasboras
Comments This is my first planted tank. The picture is a little blurry because I took it with a camera phone and the color is off.
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Taryn Nation
Algae Grower
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this is very good and not over crowded with plants and it make an even care for both your fish and plants so your not killing the plants by tring to care for the fish or vis versa. Alot of people are missing out on having great fish cause there plant care takes over
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