Nicalter 54Ltr Tropical Tank - Your Tanks
User Nicalter
Size 54Ltr Tropical Tank
Date Started November 2012
Equipment Internal Filter AquaOne101F 5Watt 350Ltr per hour and 100watt Betta Heater BT1008
Substrate Sand &Sandstone Rocks
Parameters PH , Ammonia, Nitrite And Nitrate will publish results after tonight's test.
Fertilization None at the moment.
Plants None.
Inhabitants 1 Gold Ram, 1 Blue Ram, 5 Neon Tetra, 7 Glowlights, 6 Lemon Tetra, 2 Cory Peppers.
Comments Sandstone structure inside. Tank food is Tetra Pro colour and Multifit bottom feeder pellets. Use API Freshwater Test Kit.
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