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User Jojoba
Size 30.4gal
Date Started Late December 2012
Lighting Previously: 1 T12 5000K Currently: 30" Fugeray 2
Equipment Marineland Penguin 200 Fluval 100 Watt heater Blue Wrapping Paper Background, not sure if I like it yet...
CO2 None
Substrate Previously: Gravel Currently: Concrete Sand and STS
Parameters Ph: 8.3 Gh: 0-1 Kh: 13-14 Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 15ppm
Fertilization Seachem Excel: 1/2 cap daily Root Tabs
Plants Rotala Rotundifolia Cryptocoryne Wedntii Cryptocoryne Parva Ludwigia Repens Hygrophila Angustifolia Hygrophila Corymbosa "Temple Plant" Anubias var Na Eleocharis acicularisna Anubias Barteri Anacharis Myriophyllum Pinnatum Diatoms
Inhabitants 2 Wild color Angel fish 5 Albino Aeneus Corydoras 6 Serpae Tetras
Comments Due to the fact that this is my first planted tank and I have been moving the plants consistently since I got them in March (I've lost about half) they are really struggling, my little bit of Ludwigia is on its last legs. Ever since I got diatoms my plant growth has by and large come to a halt. Although I try and relax, it's very frustrating having to watch almost all of my Ludwigia die after moving home from college and VERY limited growth. Any help will be graciously received, PM me!
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