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User stanjam
Size 75 gallon
Date Started April 2013
Lighting Current Satellite Freshwater Plus led strip 48-60"
Equipment Emperor 400 filter (peat in baskets) Fluval 300w heater H.O.T. Magnum 250 for occasional polishing
CO2 Seachem Flourish Excel every several days
Substrate Seachem Flourite base with light pea gravel over this.
Fertilization Seachem Flourish
Plants Amazon sword, Kliener Bar sword, Nymphaea sp, hornwort, narrowleaf anacharis, anubias nana, coffefolia, crypt wendtii (several variety), pennywort, java fern, java moss, hair grass
Inhabitants 6 cory sterbai, 5 ottos, 6 amano shrimp, 2 assassin snails, 11 harlequin rasboras
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