Unwavering 12 Gallon Long - Your Tanks
User Unwavering
Size 12 Gallon Long
Date Started Feb 21 2013
Lighting Aquatic Life 36" dual T5HO w/ 2 WavePoint Ultra Cole bulbs
Equipment Eheim 2213
CO2 Pressurized
Substrate ADA Aquasoil
Fertilization PPS Pro w added Fe
Plants Eleocharis parvula (DHG) Nymphaea lotus 'Zenkeri' (Red Tiger Lotus) Pogostemon helferi (Downoi) Rotala Butterfly Staurogyne repens Camboda Palaeformis
Inhabitants None yet, 20-25 neon tetras next week sometime. Maybe a few oto's
Profile Views 527
Algae Grower
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Really nice. I love it
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