lnblues 37 Gal - Your Tanks
User lnblues
Size 37 Gal
Date Started 04/21/08
Lighting 130 watts 4 on 4 off 4 on 12 off on timer with CO2
Equipment aqua clear 70
CO2 pro paintball with solenoid
Substrate eco complete
Parameters Jager 250 at 78 degrees PH 7.0
Fertilization Leaf Zone Flourish excel
Plants 3 Amazon swords probably too many Narrow leaf chain sword Dwarf hair grass dwarf sagittaria 2 mamdagascar lace bulbs (not up) cork screw val
Inhabitants 2 clown loaches 3 Oto cats 3 white clouds 9 angles
Comments Newly replanted 5/17/08 My first planted tank. Now July 17th
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