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User Wasserpest
Size 36 gallons Corner Bow
Date Started December 2005
Lighting 59W: 2x T5@20W ea, 1x T8@19W all with Icecap and AHS reflectors, 12hrs/day
Equipment Aquaclear 30 powerhead with filter sponge stuck on inlet, heater
CO2 Pressurized CO2 bubbled into powerhead impeller
Substrate Flourite over Kitty Litter and Peatmoss, enriched with Jobes Palms and Ferns stiks
Parameters pH 7.2, kH 10, NO3 5ppm, PO4 0.5ppm
Fertilization Daily autodosing of macros and micros (low concentrations... heavier focus on substrate fertilization)
Plants Saggitaria, Marsilea, Mosses, Pellia, Ferns, Lagarosiphon madagascariensis, Altern. reineckii, Crypts
Inhabitants 5 WCM Minnows, 2 Otos, 2 Amano shrimps, 555 Cherry shrimps, bunch of snails
Comments This has been a very enjoyable tank since the beginning. Humble lighting, combined with good CO2 and fertilization, add in very little lifestock = little maintenance, good healthy plant growth.
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this is really nice. i especially like the twisted drift wood with the java moss attached! i'm looking for a similar piece of driftwood right now:)
Algae Grower
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great color contrast
Algae Grower
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luv luv luv this tank! absolutely gorgeous...
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You're hard work is apparent! This tank is gorgeous.
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This is a really nice layout for a corner tank. Great contrast with the colors too.
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