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User eme012
Size 10 gal,
Date Started march 2013
Lighting T5 15w flourescent
Equipment Low tech, 1 power head.
CO2 None
Substrate Potting soil topped with pea gravel
Parameters Cycled tank using ammonia and seeding with existing substrate from existing 50gal. Ammonia 0 nitrites 0, pH 8.5 (tap water).
Fertilization None
Plants Crypto, Val long stem and corkscrew, Anubias Nana, onions
Inhabitants 1 betta 2 ADF
Comments In May 2013 the powerhead failed and bba algae appeared, decreased light from 14hrs/day to 6. Took out the plants in pots and washed in H2O2 and replaced soil in pots. Separated the small vals and trimmed the long then replanted back into pots. Cryptos looking better, java moss almost completely cleared up. Unpotted plants still struggling.
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