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Size Various sizes
Date Started May 2007
Lighting On my planted tank I have a 2X65 Watt PC Orbit fixture, my other tanks use regular hoods and lights
Equipment I have a Fluval 104 Canister Filter and a HOB filter on my planted tank along with heater. My other tanks are powered by HOB filters and a Cascade 1200 canister filter
CO2 I started with DIY CO2 but I am now using a pressurized CO2 system consisting of a 20oz paintball canister with a 9oz tank for back up. I use a Red Sea Paintball Regulator, Selonoid, needle valve and Beetle diffuser
Substrate some of my breeder tanks I keep bare just for ease of cleaning. My planted tank and my 10 consist of a mix of regular tank gravel and florite for my plants
Parameters I keep most of my tanks at 78 degrees for the guppies. PH from the tap is 7.8 however, with the addition of CO2, my planted tank ranges around 7.2-7.4
Fertilization I use K2SO9 Potassium Sulfate, KH2PO4 Mono Potassium Phosphate, Iron Chelate 10% as well as a PMDD Pre-Mix consisting of 1 part KNO3, 1 part MgSO4, 1 Part K2SO4 and 1 part CSM+B for my phertz
Plants Amazon Sword, Vals, Crypts, Riccia, Dwarf Sag, Java Fern and Java Moss
Inhabitants Guppies
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