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User Fishytales12345
Size 20 Gallon Hex
Date Started January 20, 2008
Lighting 1 x T8 14 Watt, 8000K
Equipment Whisperfilter, Undergravel Filter, 50W heater
CO2 Hagen Plant System
Substrate Course Gravel
Fertilization Flourish, Excel, Potassium, Phosphorus, Iron, Trace
Plants Anubias berteri “nana” Microsorum pteropus Taxiphyllum barbieri
Inhabitants 6 x Long fin zebra danios
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You don't need to fertilize these plants. They can thrive in all mistakes, neglect and low light levels too. Add more plants. Easy ones like ambulia, water sprite, water wisteria and some hornwort will make the tank look good.
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