Melhomer 80cm x 35cm x 46cm - Your Tanks
User Melhomer
Size 80cm x 35cm x 46cm
Date Started March 2013
Lighting 2 x 18watts day and plant
Equipment Jewul Rekord 800 110l All ponds solutions 1000h with uv light
CO2 Fluval 88 unit
Substrate Sand
Parameters Ph 7.0 Ammonia 0-0.2 Nitrite < 0.5 Nitrate 15-20ppm Hardness 15-20
Fertilization Mixed salts
Plants Various
Inhabitants 6 x Firemouth Cichlids 3 x Tiger Barbs 3 x Albino Tiger Barbs 1 x Bristlenose Plec 1 x Coockoo Catfish
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