Nemue 20 gallon - Your Tanks
User Nemue
Size 20 gallon
Date Started - 2 years ago.
Lighting Fluval Ultra Bright LED
Equipment Fluval U2 filter and heater
CO2 Fluval nano CO2 kit
Substrate Flourite Onyx
Parameters Temp: 75 Ph: 7.6
Plants Wendtii 'red', Ozelot Sword, Red Cabomba, Java Fern, Creeping Jenny, Amazon Frogbit, Dwarf Hairgrass, Baby Tears, Anubias Nana 'petite', and some unknown plants.
Inhabitants Clown Killifish, Green Tetra, C. Habrosus, C. Pygmaeus, Reticulated Hillstream Loach, Otocinclus, and Dario Dario.
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