Jahn 20 High - Your Tanks
User Jahn
Size 20 High
Date Started 4/29/2013
Lighting 18W Current Freshwater LED+
Equipment Aqueon Deluxe Hood
CO2 5LB CO2 Pressurized System
Substrate Fluval Shrimp Stratum Eco-Complete Sea Chem sand-colored gravel
Parameters 81F Degrees pH 7.0
Fertilization PPS-Pro Dry Ferts
Plants Blyxa Japonica Cardinal Flower Red & Green Cabomba Crypts Swords Anacharis Marimo Ball
Inhabitants 5 Emperor Tetra 3 Neon & Cardinal Tetra 10 Amano Shrimp 10 Celestial Pearl Danio 1 Albino BN Pleco 2 Ramshorn snails
Comments Arizona petrified wood, the Pagoda was a compromise with my son! Look at the tank tracker and tank journal for the latest flora and fauna.
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