Wasserpest 100 gal - Your Tanks
User Wasserpest
Size 100 gal
Date Started June 2003
Lighting 210 Watts - 3xT5 54W, 2xPC 18W, 1xPC 13W, and two CCFLs for moonlighting
Equipment 2 XP3, Hydor inline, semi-automatic waterchange
CO2 high pressure CO2 bubbles into inline reactor connected to XP3.
Substrate Flourite over Kitty Litter over Peat with Jobes
Parameters pH 7.2, kH 10, NO3 10ppm, PO4 0.5ppm, little Flourish & Iron
Fertilization Micros via peristaltic pump, macros via powerhead autodosing once a day
Plants Hygr. difformis, Hygr. 'Sunset', Alternanthera reineckii, Java Ferns (reg, Windelov, and narrow), Crypt. wendtii green&bronze, Crypt. lutea, Crypt. willisii (lucens), Crypt. balansae, Nymphaea lotus, Hottonia palustris, Anubias nana, Bolbitis heudelotii, Riccia fluitans, Ceratopteris thalictroides, Lagarosiphon mad.
Inhabitants 3 Yoyo loaches, 2 African Butterfly Fish, 5 Otos, 1 "false" SAE
Comments My first tank after a 15 year hiatus. Still in collectoritis stage.
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Aquascaper = Artist
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nice tank.. I like the different plants!
Algae Grower
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i love the textures and the randon burst of red...great tank!
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Honestly, the most impressive display I have seen thus far as I just recently joined the plantedtank community. I have been browsing and this one is amazing! I LOVE the different textures and colors and the way they play and interact with one another. Very beautifully orchestrated, and well thought out. Very artistic and just lovely to look at!
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