SDCAquaman 40 gal truview - Your Tanks
User SDCAquaman
Size 40 gal truview
Date Started 4/22/13
Lighting 4-30watt stark flare strip 6000k
Equipment Whisper40 filter, cobalt neotherm heater 200watt
CO2 5lb pressurized co2 on a timer with lights
Substrate Mixture of eco complete black and peat moss
Fertilization Root tabs, flourish excel
Plants Christmad tree moss, java moss, amazon sword, java fern, hornwort, anubias.....
Inhabitants 1- asst angel 2- torquise blood discus 1- blue diamond discus 1- gold dream killifish 5- euro cardinals 1- gold gourami 3- threadfin rainbows 3- german blue rams 1- zebra otti 1- penguin tetra 2- painted tetras
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