loganutah 55 - Your Tanks
User loganutah
Size 55
Date Started May 3, 2008
Lighting Jebo 4x65 PC 10,000 k
Equipment Emperor 400
CO2 Pressurized 5lb tank
Substrate 30lbs Original Fluorite 20 lbs Schultz Aquatic soil 5lbs black sand
Parameters PH w/o co2 7.8 After injecting CO2 7.0
Fertilization none yet
Plants Anacharis Babys Tears
Inhabitants 3 Ottos
Comments More pics http://s217.photobucket.com/albums/cc286/ldsidahoinmatt/Planted%20Tank/55%20gal%20Planted/
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Mark F.
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Are people just rating their own tanks now? I mean, a simple two-species planting like this can actually work very well ... in fact, I can easily imagine that in a few months this set-up could be quite stunning ... but it's kind of premature to be rating it just yet ... maybe if there were some other landscaping to go on - rocks, driftwood, terracing, etc. - but there isnt. Hopefully you'll be updating this submission as your set-up grows out!
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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It's post-apocalyptic Amazonia.. I get it. Brilliant!
Planted Member
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Are you going to add more fish?
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