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User .KeepItShrimple
Size 7.5g mrAqua bowfront & a 28g bowfront
Date Started March 2013
Lighting 7.5g - Finnex RayII DS 18" 4.5Hrs/day 28g - upgraded to Finnex Fugeray Planted+ 24"
Equipment 7.5g - Azoo palm filter, Stainless Steel Shrimp Guard 12mm
CO2 7.5g - DIY Co2-last over 1month+ 3L Bottle, 3Cups sugar, 1/8tsp yeast, upAqua diffuser D-520
Substrate 7.5g - Fluval Shrimp Stratum 4kg(used all), Caribsea crystal river sand, Caribsea rainbow rock, Borneowild humic.
Parameters 7.5g - RO water w/SaltyShrimp GH+, PH:6.2-6.3, TDS:120
Fertilization 7.5g - no more dosing since I added CRS-SS, only a few small dose of PO4 sometimes
Plants 7.5g - HC & DHG parvula, willow moss, unidentified xmas/weeping moss.
Inhabitants 7.5g - Fire red shrimps, CRS-SS grades.
Comments Feb2014 updates: Finally got some CRS. Bw-Shield, Stout, & Grow. Bw-Humic: added 1/4 bottle. 1kg SaltyShrimp bee shrimp GH+.
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