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User anwin8D
Size 7.5 Gallons
Date Started 3/18/2013
Lighting DIY 13 Watt (60 watt equivalent) Floodlights with Home Depot 8.5in shop lights plugged into auto on/off surge protector
Equipment Mr. Aqua 7.5 gallon Cube High Clarity Glass (12x12x12) AC50 (with AC20 impeller) with Bonded filter pad, Purigen Aqueon Pro Heater (50 watt) Identical set up for both tanks
CO2 Just using Seachem Flourish sporadically (2-3 times a week)
Substrate Eco-complete with some river rocks
Parameters 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrite, 0-5 Nitrate
Fertilization Osmocote Plus tabs (about 5 tabs)
Plants Limnophilia Aromatica, Diandra Didiplis, Mayaca Fluviatilis, Bacopa Carolinia, Rotala Indica, Ludwigi Inclinata sp. "cuba", sunset hygrophilia, Christmas Moss, Hydrocotyle "Japan", Rotala Colorata, Ludwigia Arcuata, Ludwigia sp Red, Myriophyllum mattogrossense, red lotus, duckweed, anubias nana, marimo moss balls Pothos in the AC50
Inhabitants Left Tank: RCS, 1 Oto, 1 Albino Cory Right tank: Ghost shrimp, 2 guppies, 3 white cloud minnows, 2 Sunset Honey Gouramis, 1 albino cory, 1 Oto
Comments Water change once every couple weeks or so. Mostly top offs with tap water.
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Looks nice but i would adjust the left lamp so that it hangs above the centre of the cube. I would also place the hang on filter of the left cube to the far left and the hang on filter of the right cube to the far right to complete the balance and to hide them some more behind the longer stemplants.
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Thank you for the suggestion ;). Yeah the lighting has been adjusted since the photo was taken. I'm going to try and move the filters more to the extreme sides. I was planning to put a black background too to help hide them better.
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Updated 5/26!
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could you give me specifics on the light. I have been researching for weeks and i cant find a good answer. I'm trying to grow carpet plants and ineed a good light becaus the stock on my 8 gal. sucks.
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