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User Vladdy
Size I would say the gas tank is about 10-20 gallons.
Date Started year is 1993, bought and tuned in 2006
Lighting Green flashing neons
Equipment speaker system, lots of gauges
CO2 Nitrous Oxide, NO2
Substrate yokohama tires
Parameters 467 HP
Fertilization gasoline
Plants Who keeps plants in their car?
Inhabitants Me
Comments You can buy it for $70,000. Russian cars are the best.
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Planted Tank Obsessed
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My car. Lada Samara tuner.
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nice "tank" what's the mpg? LOL! Who keeps plants in their cars - indeed - only bug owners.... Something tells me this will dust a bug, and many others. looks like it's lots of fun!
Taryn Nation
Algae Grower
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I would say your a looser get a real hobby
Algae Grower
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LOL, very funny and deceptive. it looks ok. not the best but ok
Algae Grower
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Very nice. Dusty blue interior could use some TLC. I recommend fertilizer + CO2 to green that right up. ;D
Algae Grower
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lmao!that thing is nasty, i call that a rice burner, i dont wanna hate but ill beat you with my chevy truck... no joke .. and i dont have 5k in fancy interior lol
Planted Tank Obsessed
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last time i checked rice burners are from japan not russia. and i doubt your truck would beat that car lol
Algae Grower
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LOL dont make me laugh sure it has fancy gauges, green flashy neons, a loud speaker system and nitrous oxide. but its still only 467bhp... that car would be left in the dust by my mates tuner RX-7 it packs a large 540bhp, and his car has no nitrous oxide but it does have jap tuning and very little weight. your car wud be killed in a straight up drag! oh by the way your car is ugly looking lol
Planted Tank Guru
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Love the body style and work you've done on it, but that interior color is just....ugh. To each their own, though. I love how clean your setup is.
Algae Grower
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Is that a KIA?

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