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User DGarone
Size 30 Gallons
Date Started 4/13/2013
Lighting 3 cheap clip on work lights from Lowe's with 3 CFLs (6,500K, 23 W each). Ten or eleven hours per day.
Equipment Pen Plax Cascade 700 canister filter with bioballs, sponge, and filter floss. No heater, tank at about 79 degrees F. Eight outlet power strip with integrated digital timer.
CO2 5 lb. tank. Green Leaf Aquarium Atomic V3 regulator and atomic diffuser. Cheap Fluvial bubble counter. Ten or eleven hours per day. Waiting on drop checker to be delivered.
Substrate 60 lbs. of Seachem black flourite sand.
Fertilization Seachem Flourish, Excel, Nitrogen, and Potassium. Pfertz trace elements.
Plants Dwarf hairgrass and duckweed. Started with two pots of hairgrass and a couple petals of duckweed that must have hitched a ride with hairgrass.
Inhabitants None yet.
Comments Got the tank, metal stand, glass lid, a Marineland canister filter, crappy heater, and miscellaneous other stuff for $30 from a guy on Craigslist. Steal. Hardscape rocks from desert mountain preserve area behind my parents' house. Started the hairgrass emersed. But substrate didn't have nutrients. Started to brown. I panicked. Filled tank. Started dosing fertilizers and injecting CO2. Grass has started spreading rapidly. Noticed duckweed. Has also started spreading. No algae yet. Hoping duckweed will keep it this way.
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Great hardscape--love it.
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