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User Someonelse
Size 30 gallons
Date Started ?
Lighting 29 watts
Equipment whisper filter
CO2 none
Substrate Eco-Complete
Plants unknown
Inhabitants some gold fish, a Dempsey, a Convict and a Pleco
Comments I have a little area on my counter top behind the sink. I think its meant as an eating are or something, but I put a fish tank there, so it can be viewed from either side. I set this tank up about 6 months ago with a bag of Eco Complete and a random assortment of plants I bought at my local store. some of the plants are doing very well, some are not. I put no more effort into this tank than I would a fish only tank, I mostly just did this as a test, to see how much of a black thumb I really have.
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Mark F.
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I have a similar space behind my kitchen sink, complete with a cabinet-mounted fluorescent fixture, and have thought of doing something similar. I always like seeing when people can pull off keeping plants together with goldfish, which are well known for nibbling on plants - the trick is to choose the right kind of plants. I think that plant in the left side of the photo (crypt or sword?) is probably a goner, but the anubias behind the shell should do fine - they can tolerate a broad range of conditions, and taste nasty to virtually all herbivorous and omnivorous fish. The real question is how well the cichlids will get along with goldfish (the pleco should get along fine with either). The one thing working in your favor is that the goldfish appear to be good-sized, and apparently outnumber the cichlids, which will hopefully intimidate the cichlids from becoming bullies. This tank might become too crowded, though, as the inhabitants grow - you'll probably have to move the cichlids to your bigger tank.
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if that shell is real you could run into problems with your alkalinity. because seashells are from saltwater they cause the water to become more and more alkaline as they decay. also those fish need a bigger (separate) tanks asap or your nitrates will be out of control, not to mention the aggression problems. :(
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