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User Someonelse
Size 120 gallons
Date Started 4/26/08
Lighting none yet, any suggestions?
Equipment I have a wet/dry and a canister filter.
CO2 not yet, but I plan to.
Substrate I will be using Eco Complete
Plants not sure yet, any suggestions?
Inhabitants South American cichlids
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the point of this web site is to have tanks with actual plants in them. this person doesnt seem to understand that
Mark F.
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I think this person understands the purpose of the site, and is asking for advice on what kind of plants to use with South American cichlids. My response would be: it depends on the specific cichlids. If you're going with angelfish, and/or dwarf cichlids such as rams and apistos, there's pretty much no limit as to what kind of plants you can use; let your imagination be your guide! If you're going with discus, you'd have to stick with plants that can tolerate higher temps (80s), such as Amazon swords. Most other South American cichlids (especially the really big ones like oscars) aren't really suited to planted tanks, as they tend to uproot and/or shred plants. A noteworthy exception might be firemouth cichlids (actually Central American, I think?). Firemouths enjoy shade, so think tall plants like jungle vals and some of the taller nymphaea ("lotus") species available for aquaria, floating plants like duckweed, and low-light plants like java fern rooted to mid-level driftwood. I think chocolate cichlids and convicts can also be kept in planted tanks, but I don't really know - any cichlid experts want to help us out here?
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Iagree with Mark F.
Planted Tank Obsessed
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