bgisme66 75G - Your Tanks
User bgisme66
Size 75G
Date Started 2/1/2013
Lighting 8 x 48in T-5 ho grow light.
Equipment 2 x Fluval Ecco Pro 2, 2.5lb CO2 tank and regulator,Maxijet 900pro,Digital Aquatics Reef Keeper lite,18watt Uv sterilizer.
CO2 2.5lb bottle with regulator and CO2 reactor used to control PH down to 7.2 (Cichlid Tank).
Substrate Eco-Complete
Fertilization Aquavitro fertz.
Plants Broad leaf Amazon sword,Water Wisteria,Cardinalis,Wire Grass.
Inhabitants 4 x Yellow Lab Cichlids, 4 x Electric Blue Zebras, 3 x Red Zebra Cichlids, 1 x Jack Dempsey Cichlid, 1 x Gloden Veiled Angel Fish, 2 x Albino Bristle nose Pleco, 1 x Spotted Raphael, 1 x Clown Pleco, 1 x Nerite Snail.
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